For the Trucker and Tourists a home away from home
BPCL GHAR is one stop trucker's shop proposition with multi-facility retail outlet with all the comforts to meet the Trucker and Tourists needs and convenience. These outlets are located on all major highways across the country. There are dedicated BPCL officers at these outlets and who offer the Trucker and Tourists personalized service all through the day with host of facilities; hence the drivers call it a home away from home.

At the GHARs, customers can experience many convenient facilities like dhaba services, secure parking space, essential items store, emergency assistance, Doctor, route assistance and many more. Click here to locates the GHAR's on your route.
Pure for Sure:
All the GHARs offer the customer guaranteed quality & quantity of fuel and are Pure for Sure. So customers can set aside their worries about compromising on the quality and quantity of fuel!
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