Bharat Petroleum Touching Lives since 1976
Success in the corporate world emanates from the relentless pursuit of excellence to make a difference in the lives of people. At Bharat Petroleum, it is all about clear vision, discovering new avenues for growth and harnessing latest technology to drive customer application. Post our nationalization in 1976, the growth has been phenomenal, which has helped us achieve international recognition. In fact, Bharat Petroleum is often referred to with admiration as an MNC in PSU garb.
Keeping Pace with Technology

Bharat Petroleum is reaping the benefits of the integrated system in many areas of our operations like tracking customer-receivables, monitoring credit-management, inventory management, besides easing the operations in a large number of areas. By continuously upgrading our technology, we have simplified, enhanced and enriched consumer experience.

Innovation is the Key to our Success
Bharat Petroleum has an impressive track record as an innovator: from fuelling the pioneer of Indian Industry JRD Tatas solo flight in 1932 to providing India with the first modern refinery in 1955, to manufacturing the countrys first bottled gas Burshane in the mid 50s. Evidently, Innovation along with Care and Reliability form the core values of the organization. More recently, it has added tremendous value to the people of India by introducing path-breaking products like Speed, Petro Card, the In&Out Convenience store and the SmartFleet Card.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Bharat Petroleum understands its responsibilities towards the society and regularly contributes to social causes some of which start within their work domain. Our Pure for Sure campaign ensures quality fuel to each and every Indian. As a step towards empowering the Indian women, we have employed women at various driveways.

Bharat Petroleum has also done tremendous work for the society at large: we have adopted 37 villages across India making them fully self-reliant providing them fresh drinking water, sanitation facilities, medical facilities, enhancing their income standards by imparting vocational training and agricultural innovations. Another focus area is the commitment to the cause of AIDS control This involves personal involvement, counselling centres and corporate support for creating awareness among people about the disease and how to prevent it.

Bharat Petroleum is also passionate about the Gen Next. We support various education initiatives at all levels. This involves granting of schools, acknowledging and rewarding meritorious students and an initiative called Bharat Petroleum Scholars.

International Recognition
Bharat Petroleum has moved up in the 'Fortune Global 500' list with a ranking of 325 and currently, Bharat Petroleum occupies the third position amongst the 6 Indian companies who have made it to the list. Further, the Bharat Petroleum brand continues to occupy its pre-eminent position in the market and the London based brand valuation firm, Brand Finance has placed it in the 7th position amongst India's 50 Most Valuable Brands. Bharat Petroleum continues to be amongst the companies featured in the latest rankings of Platts Top 250 Global Energy Companies.

Bringing the Retail Revolution
In trend with the global developments, Bharat Petroleum has leveraged its real estate and marketing network to revolutionize retailing. Today, Bharat Petroleum boasts of over 375 In & Out stores across the country, where you can conveniently shop for major brands while you are on-the-go.

Our GHAR is one stop truckers shop proposition with multi-facility retail outlet with all the comforts to meet the Trucker and Tourists needs and convenience.

Furthermore, we have empowered our customers with freedom of convenience and security by introducing Petro Cards. Not to mention the rewards they earn every time they use the Petro Card.

Consequent to the phenomenal success of the Petro Card, Bharat Petroleum has launched yet another successful product, SmartFleet - a comprehensive fleet management programme - which targets fleets and corporates.
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