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Card queries
1) What is the SmartFleet Card?
SmartFleet Card is a card given to the SmartFleet member for each vehicle enrolled into the programme. It is based on smart card technology and can be used by drivers to pay for fuel and lubricants as agreed upon for each vehicle at the designated SmartFleet outlets.
2) How many cards will I get?
You will be allotted one card per vehicle. For instance, if you enroll ten vehicles into the programme you will be entitled to ten SmartFleet cards.
3) How do I activate the SmartFleet Card?
To activate your SmartFleet cards, visit the nearest Bharat Petroleum SmartFleet pump and hand over the cards to the pump operator. The operator will insert each card in the smart card reader and ask you to key in the PIN. Your card gets activated and you can carry out your first transaction on each card.
4) Where can I use the SmartFleet Card?
SmartFleet cards can be used only at select Bharat Petroleum SmartFleet outlets. The location of these outlets are updated on this website regularly. Do visit us from time to time to check a list of outlets where the smartfleet card is accepted.
5) Can I restrict purchases using the SmartFleet Card?
Yes, you can restrict purchases on using the SmartFleet card, by specifying the items the driver can purchase at the Bharat Petroleum SmartFleet outlets. This can be done at the time of application. For e.g. you can restrict purchases to only diesel, or fuel and lubricants. Also, there is a daily spend limit for each card that you can specify at the time of application.
6) What happens if the driver loses the card?
If a driver loses the card, he should inform his fleet owner immediately, who in turn should call up the SmartFleet number or write to the SmartFleet service center and request the card to be hot listed. You will receive the replacement card on making the necessary payment per lost card. The pre-paid amount balance if any will be transferred to your new card.
7) What is hot listing the card?
Hot listing the card means freezing the card for any future transactions. The card will get deactivated 48 hours after reporting the missing card.
8) How do I reactivate my hot listed card?
The SmartFleet members needs to fill the Complaint form and give the Hot listed card to the dealer to reactivate the same.
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