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Credit queries
1) How do I apply for credit?
For availing of the credit option, you need to apply for credit by filling up the details in the Application Form, and attaching relevant documents. The Credit Partner will process your applications and approve or reject the credit application.
2) Can I opt for only the credit option?
Yes, you can opt for the credit option only, but it is better to activate the pre-paid as well as credit options to take care of emergencies.
3)Will I get a combined credit limit for all vehicles, or can I get a credit limit for each vehicle?
You will get a combined credit limit for all vehicles. In addition, there will be a maximum limit per card per day, which needs to be specified by you.
4) What if I do not want to restrict the amount that can be spent by a single vehicle in a day?
The daily limit per vehicle is a feature that allows you to minimize the risk of a single driver utilizing the entire credit limit for your organization. Fixing a limit is mandatory, and in case you do not specify this limit, your application will be treated as incomplete.
5) What happens when the daily credit limit is crossed?
The driver cannot make any purchase at any Bharat Petroleum SmartFleet outlet using the card on that day. The driver will have to pay cash at the outlet for any spends beyond the limit.
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