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Payment queries
1) How do I load the SmartFleet Card with cash?
To pre-load the SmartFleet card you can load each card individually at any Bharat Petroleum SmartFleet outlet, and use the same for payment. The minimum amount that you can load per card is Rs.500, and thereof multiples of Rs.100.
2) How do I pay using the SmartFleet Card?
The SmartFleet card will either have the credit and / or prepayment pouch activated, depending upon the payment facility that you have availed of and been sanctioned by Bharat Petroleum / Credit Partner. The driver will have to take the card to the Bharat Petroleum SmartFleet outlet and tell the pump operator the item required to be purchased, the amount to be spent or the quantity, and the pouch to be used - cash or credit. The pump operator will check for balance available and carry out the required transaction.
3) How do I pay using the credit facility?
You will be given a total credit limit for the organization, and there will be a ceiling on the total spend that a single vehicle can incur in a day. To pay using the credit facility, the driver has to take the card to any Bharat Petroleum SmartFleet outlet and carry out the required transaction. Once the limit is crossed, all cards "may" be blocked until you repay the total amount, including the interest amount to the Credit Partner for reactivation. Reactivation will take 48 hours
4) What do I pay for availing of the credit option?
The charges for availing the credit option need to be mutually decided between you and the Credit Partner.
5) How do I pay back the money I took on credit?
Monthly statements will be sent to you detailing the credit availed by you. You will need to send your payments to Credit Partner as shown in the monthly statement.
6) Can I opt for credit at a later stage?
Yes, you can opt for credit at a later stage. All you need to do is send in the details asked for in the application form and the same will be processed by Credit Partner for approval.
7) How can I change my credit requirements?
Please make an application to request a change of credit options to Credit Partner. They will process your application and change the same if approved.
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