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Petromiles queries
1) What are Petromiles?
Petromiles are loyalty points that you earn by transacting with the SmartFleet card at Bharat Petroleum SmartFleet outlets. These Petromiles can be collected and redeemed from a host of rewards in the SmartFleet Rewards catalogue
2) How do I earn Petromiles?

You earn Petromiles whenever you buy fuel or lubricants from Bharat Petroleum SmartFleet outlets using the SmartFleet card.

Amount Spent / Item Petromiles earned
Rs. 150 spent on Petrol 15 Petromiles
Rs. 150 spent on Speed 25 Petromiles
Rs. 150 spent on Speed 97 50 Petromiles
Rs. 150 spent on Diesel 15 Petromiles
Rs. 150 spent on 2T Mix Petrol 18 Petromiles
Rs. 150 spent on Lubricants 15 Petromiles
Rs. 150 spent at the In&Out Stores 100 Petromiles
3) Do I earn Petromiles for each vehicle separately?
Yes, you earn Petromiles separately for each vehicle. Your monthly reports show all the Petromiles earned by each vehicle enrolled in the programme. These Petromiles can be accumulated and redeemed for attractive rewards from the SmartFleet Rewards catalogue.
4) Can I combine Petromiles earned from all my vehicles?
Yes. One of the main features for the SmartFleet programme is the ability to combine Petromiles earned by each vehicle and redeem them for Rewards.
5) How will I know my Petromiles balance?
You will be sent a monthly report, which details out all Petromiles earned for each vehicle in the previous month as well as the balance. You could also call up the SmartFleet helpline who will help you with the same.
6) For how long are my Petromiles valid?
Your Petromiles earned on a particular day are valid for a period of 3 years, and expires every quarter thereafter. This implies that you should exchange your Petromiles before the expiry of three years. As per your choice you can either redeem your Petromiles for smaller rewards at a regular frequency or accumulate the same to redeem a larger reward at the end of three years.
7) Do I get any Petromiles for availing of credit?
You earn Petromiles for every sale transaction done through the Card regardless of whether it is through credit option or the cash option. However you don't get any Petromiles for any credit charges that are levied by the credit partner for utilising credit option.
8) Can I purchase Petromiles ?
No, you cannot purchase Petromile
9) Will the smart card reader give me the Petromiles balance?
No, the smart card reader will not display the Petromiles balance for the SmartFleet programme.
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