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If you have any further queries about the programme, contact us at: - Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited 12th floor 'E' Wing, Maker Towers, Cuffe Parade Mumbai-400005 Toll Free Number 1800-22-2725 OR 022-4042-2725 and Email us at:

Program queries
1) What is SmartFleet?
SmartFleet is a powerful Fleet Management tool launched by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. The SmartFleet card offers fleet owners / companies an unbeatable combination of convenience of payment, security, credit, MIS and rewards.
2) Who is the programme targeted to?
The SmartFleet programme is for corporates and business entities (not an individual) that own or control a fleet of atleast 5 vehicles and have felt the need of Fleet Management services, either in-house, or outsourced.
3) How do I become a SmartFleet member?
Following is the process to become a SmartFleet member: -
  • Call the Helpline Numbers in your city and ask for an application form to be sent to you or ask for our representative to meet you.
  • Fill up the form completely and clearly in English.
  • In case you are opting for the Credit option then attach all the necessary documents as indicated in the Application Form.
  • Give the completed Application form along with the enrollment fees to the SmartFleet Dealer/ BPCL Representative (Sales Officer).
  • You will receive your membership pack along with your SmartFleet cards.
4) Do I have to own all the vehicles in my fleet?
No, you need to control all the vehicles in your fleet. For eg - if you have 5 vehicles in your fleet wherein two are owned by you and three are hired and controlled by you, then you are eligible for the membership.
5) Can I enroll vehicles controlled but not owned by me?
Yes, you can enroll vehicles that are controlled by you even though they are not owned by you.
6) What happens when one of the vehicles I enroll is no longer controlled by me?
You can simply stop using the fleet card assigned to that vehicle, and fill up a form to add/delete vehicles that has been provided for in your welcome pack.
7) Will I get a refund if I discontinue a vehicle or my membership mid-way?
No, there is no refund if you discontinue membership or delete a vehicle mid-way
8) Can I add vehicles mid-way?
Yes, you can add vehicles mid-way by filling up the form provided for in your welcome pack or downloading it from here, and send it to the SmartFleet service centre along with the payment for each vehicle added. However, please do note the membership validity for that vehicle will be for the same duration as all the vehicles enrolled initially.
9) Can I enroll even if I have less than 5 vehicles?
No, you must control a minimum of 5 vehicles to enroll for SmartFleet programme. For any number less than 5, you can enroll into the PetroBonus programme. PetroBonus programme is for individuals with one or more vehicles.
10) What type of vehicles do I need to control for becoming a SmartFleet member?
To become a SmartFleet member, there is no restriction on the type of vehicles you control.
11) Is it important to have a minimum of five vehicles?
It is mandatory to have five or more vehicles, however in special cases even individuals with one or two vehicles can be enrolled.
12) Can an individual become a SmartFleet member?
Only business entities and fleet owners can become a member of SmartFleet.An individual with one vehicle can enroll for membership into the PetroBonus programme.
13) For how long is my membership valid?
SmartFleet membership is valid for a period of 1 year, from date of enrollment.
14) How can I discontinue my SmartFleet membership?
To discontinue your SmartFleet membership, please write to the SmartFleet member service centre quoting your membership and just discontinue using the fleet cards assigned.
15) What are the benefits of becoming a SmartFleet member?
There are several benefits of becoming a SmartFleet member. SmartFleet offers you convenience, control, cost-savings, credit, reports, and rewards. Click here for more.
16) What MIS reports will I get?
SmartFleet membership entitles you to receive 2 basic reports on a monthly basis. These are:-
  • Vehicle Reports detailing transactions incurred by each vehicle / card, and
  • A consolidated all vehicle monthly report-giving total spends, Petromiles earned, points balance.
17) How often can I get my reports?
These reports will be generated on a monthly basis.
18) What are tracking reports?
SmartFleet offers you tracking reports, wherein fleet owners can keep track of their vehicles and the routes they are passing through. The tracking process is very simple - just insert the card into the smart card reader; without necessarily carrying out any transaction, and the reader captures all details required for tracking report. To subscribe to the Daily Vehicle Tracking Report Click here...
19) How do I renew my SmartFleet membership?
You can renew your SmartFleet membership by sending in your annual fees before membership expiry, to Bharat Petroleum alongwith details of vehicles to be added on or deleted.
20) Will my vehicles get priority at the Petrol Pumps?
At present, it is not possible to give priority fuelling to members at Bharat Petroleum petrol pumps. However, we are looking at this option sometime in future.
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