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Redemptions queries
1) What are 'Rewards'?
'Rewards' is one of the benefits given to the SmartFleet members for using SmartFleet card. Petromiles earned for transacting through SmartFleet card can be accumulated and exchanged for attractive rewards from the SmartFleet Rewards catalogue. Higher the Petromiles greater the rewards.
2) When can I start redeeming Petromiles for Rewards?
You can start redeeming your Petromiles for Rewards , 3 months after your first transaction through your SmartFleet card.
3) How do I redeem my Petromiles ?
The welcome pack sent to you contains redemption forms that has to be filled in by the authorised signatory, specifying number of Petromiles to be redeemed, the choice of reward, the recipient in the organization, and the delivery address. This form must be sent to the address mentioned and you will receive your reward and hence redeem your Petromiles.

You can download the form from this website too by simply clicking here...

4) Where will the Rewards be delivered?
Unless otherwise specified, Rewards will be delivered to the mailing address specified in the application form.
5) Can I ask for the Rewards to be delivered at my residence?
Yes, you can change the delivery address as long as the authorised signatory signs the redemption form.
6) How do I prevent drivers from redeeming Petromiles at the outlets?
The SmartFleet programme does not allow instant redemptions at the outlets. Both Petromiles earnings and FleetRewards redemptions are offline, and Rewards can only be redeemed by the authorised signatory sending a redemption form to the SmartFleet service center.
7) Can I avail of the PetroBonus Rewards with my SmartFleet Petromiles?
No, at present you cannot avail of the PetroBonus rewards with your SmartFleet Petromiles. Both are mutually exclusive programmes and has no connection with each others rewards or redemption procedure.
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