SMS Benefits
Now SmartFleet offers you the convenience of controlling your fleet through your mobile phone wherever you are. Simply send a message to us in the format given below.

Send an SMS to +919223112222 as below :
To ... Message Format Example SMS Message Response
Track your vehicles TRACK <FC Id> TRACK FC7000000001 FC7000000001 has been tracked at the following locations PERUNDURAI 01-JAN-08 10:32 -BPCL
Know the CMS Balance of your account CMSBAL <FO Id> CMSBAL FO0000000001 The current CMS balance on your SmartFleet CMS account is Rs. 21385.99 and accumulated Petromiles are 1381826 - BPCL
Set the Ad-hoc limit of usage on your CMS enabled card SETLIMIT <FC Id> <Amount> SETLIMIT FC7000000001 1210 The Ad-hoc limit of FC7000000001 has been set to Rs. 1210 and available CMS balance on your CMS account is Rs. 21385.99 - BPCL
Hotlist a card HOTLIST <FC Id> HOTLIST FC7000000001 The card FC7000000001 has been temporary hotlisted - BPCL
Unblock a card UNBLOCK <FC Id> UNBLOCK FC7000000001 Card FC7000000001 has been marked for unblocking. Please insert the card into the terminal and use the unblock option to complete the unblocking process - BPCL
Rest Password from your registered mobile RESET <FOID> RESET FO0100123456 Account has been reset with the password ******** . Please change the password immediately after login.
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